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Rammus likes it best in the jungle

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Rammus likes it best in the jungle

Post by Opus on Wed Jan 26 2011, 12:09

To fill in two spots regulary missing in a team I play jungle Rammus

My runes: http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/2972/tankrunes.png

My masteries: http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/4304/masteries.png
(Runes and Masteries are in no way absolute but these are the ones I use)

You need to pick W ability (defensive ball curl) and take Cloth Armor and 5x Hp pots.

You start at mana golem and if you can, get your team mates to scout for you
the red dots is the optimal place to scout

You need to pop W when the big golem is about to hit you and pop a pot
rigth after he hit you, be careful not to drown your self in pots.
When you`ve done the mana golem you continue on to wolf -> wraiths
-> here you can choose but if your jungle ahvn`t been perfect you
will die at red buff.
When you lvl up you take piont in Q then W and the last lvl bafore you B I take E for better to gank.

Now you B and get boots +1 and all the pots you can afford. If you see
an oppertunity to gank, a lane beeing pushed to far, now is the time to
do it.
Make sure that the lane know you`re coming, "omw bot/top/mid" and ping the guy your after.
Roll up, taunt and shield and they`re dead.

Now there is no regular schedule to what camps to take, but remember to gank all the time.

Your goals at this stage in the game:
- Take camps whenever they appear, espacially mana golem since you use mana quickly
- Hold lanes so lanemates can B without loosing tower
- Gank all the time, ping, roll in, taunt, shield

When you feel the need to go B again you get a Ruby Crystal and if you
can a Null-Magic Mantle. From here get Mercury Threads and Aeigs of the
These two items are my core build now everything is situational.

If a lot of Ad chars take
- Sunfire Cape
- Thornmail

if alot of Ap chars take
- Banshee Veil
- Force of nature

Since most teams have a combination of both Ad and Ap I usually end up with
Merc Threads - Aegis - Banshee - Sunfire

Late game it is you who initiate team figths. Only make sure you are on
par with your team mates, you do not wanna go in if your not sure that
your team will follow you.
Now the thing that makes Rammus so good and why people are crying to
nerf him is his taunt. After you`ve rolled in and shielded yourself you
are ready to unleash your best weapon, your taunt.
It is important that you save it for when it matters because when you`ve
used it it takes 12 seconds for it to come back. If there is a Nunu,
wait until he pops his ult, if there is a MF you do the same, Xin comes
dashing for your DPS taunt him.
I cannot express this clearly enough, use your taunt correctly.

This is how I play jungle Rammus.


ps. If i`ts necesary I`ll post Rammus`s abilities as well, but I don`t have time atm

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Re: Rammus likes it best in the jungle

Post by FarSeerPT on Thu Jan 27 2011, 11:32

Really good Very Happy
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Re: Rammus likes it best in the jungle

Post by Ramaladni on Thu Jan 27 2011, 13:21

Your guide is..okay!

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Re: Rammus likes it best in the jungle

Post by Sponsored content

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