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A personal message from Lolkers & Forum rules.

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A personal message from Lolkers & Forum rules.

Post by Lolkers on Sun Jan 16 2011, 12:33

These are non-official forums, so we don't answer to any rules. This means naming and shaming is permitted (in the correct forum section) and having fun is obligatory. I made this forum to make LoL.EU a better place, and I hope the community will help me achieve this. I must admit, I'm skeptic these forums will even catch on. As i'm writing this, I realise many people don't share the same views I do and don't approve, but I also think it's important that everyone gets to express their opinions, no matter what they are.

The forum rules are quite simple.

1. Freedom of Speech: You're all allowed to say whatever you want to say. Racism, Xenophobia or whatever the hell, isn't allowed, though. If you're racist, you will have your account and IP banned from these forums. A-Capish?
2. Speak English: It might be abit contrary to what I said earlier, but I don't like using Google Translate to read what people write (cuz google translate is dumb & because it's a pain in the ass). It's not that I hate other languages, it's just that I don't understand them. Please use English only, as broken as yours may be, it's alot better that everyone understands 50% of what you said than 10% of the forum understanding all of what you said.
3. NO TROLLING. Atleast not dumb trolling. Any troll will have his account temporarily suspended, and if the offense repeats itself, permanent IP and Account bans.

Oh, and when registering, please input a real email so that you may confirm your ID and pass. I can't see it, and niether can anyone else. It's also used for newsletters.
Have fun. Razz


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