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Forum Points & Reputation: What they are, and what they're for.

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Forum Points & Reputation: What they are, and what they're for.

Post by Lolkers on Sun Jan 16 2011, 16:56

As you may have noticed, except showing your posts and join date, your profile also shows "reputation".

Reputation is the number of + votes you get on any post you make. (-) votes are not calculated in your reputation, to avoid abuse. Any time someone +s a post you made, you'll gain 1 reputation.

Forum points are points you can achieve by benefiting this forum community! I, as admin, have the option to donate points in large amounts. I can give anyone +over 9000 points at any given time, but I can also give people a huge -, so be careful!

What you'll gain huge chunks of points from:
-Posting well written champion guides (+10 pts for each one)
-Posting a well written tactic (+8 for each one)
-Posting an accurate name and shame (+3 for each one)

What you'll lose huge chunks of points from:
-Trolling (depends on how bad, but you'll lose alot)
-Racist comments (unless jokingly, -15 on each one)
-Insultive and bad mannered commenting (-5 for each one)

And yes, you can reach a negative point status. You can also win alot of points by participating in forum competitions, like the Forum Banner one that we had.
The higher the points, the higher you are in the weekly points table, and the cooler you are!

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