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If u play lineage 2 check here :)

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If u play lineage 2 check here :)

Post by MortilogusX on Thu May 19 2011, 11:07

Hello there
I got 2 big loves in gaming! LoL and Lineage 2! So I would like to propose a private lineage 2 server!!! If you like
lineage 2 and you would like to play at a x15 server, come visit http://l2olympus.org/
!!! Very nice server, nice community and fun to play cause most
instances work and no bugs that will interfere with ur gameplay! Come to
pvp with me SaLvia in game name!!!! have fun and take care! cya! btw ingame name (LoL) is Kekropus add me if u want Very Happy


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