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A new moderator appears.

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A new moderator appears.

Post by Lolkers on Sun Feb 06 2011, 13:48

Admin uses "Reveal"

Reveal shows: Rahbek Er Gud!

IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE. *crowd goes wild, 1 woman shouts "Lolkers, have my babies!" etc.*

He's obviously the most dedicated member of these forums, and I hope you treat him with the same respect you've been treating me. He's gonna help me out since our member count has grown, but remember, he's still subjected to the same rules as you are, and he gets no special prefrence.

So, post your congratz(s), and keep on keeping on.

Level 30 Summoner.

Current ELO: 1360. Solo-Q.
Mains: Mundo, Ashe, Nunu, Olaf.


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