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Post by Lolkers on Sun Jan 16 2011, 12:24

I know naming and shaming isn't allowed at all at the official forums of league of legends.

However, I decided that basically defends the bad guys. I don't like that and I doubt anyone does. Naming and Shaming should be an effective scare measure in online games, and that's one of the main reasons I created these forums.

On the other hand, reckless throwing of abuse cannot be good for anyone. Which is I created the Name and Shame rulebook, or NASR for short.

-Naming and Shaming means having PROOF of the culprit's actions. This means ATLEAST 2 screenshots of the chatlog at a good resolution so that the community may SEE what he said/did.
-BAD GAMES THAT ARE NOT INTENTIONAL FEEDING ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS AN OFFENSE. If someone has a 2/10/x score, but he didn't do it on purpose and simply had a bad game, you shouldn't "report" him for it. If someone is intentionally feeding and you wish to N&S him, screenshots of him running into a group of enemies or saying he is in chat will help. Obviously, provide the final score of said match aswell.
-For Flamers: atleast 2 screenshots of the chat are mandatory. A person calling you a noob once isn't flaming, or atleast not the N&S kind.
-Be fair: If you flamed a person and he flamed back, don't post it as if you're not at fault.
-Leavers: Post a screenshot with the words "X Has Quit The Game" and a screenshot of the endgame screen showing his "LEAVER" status, combined with his total leaves.
-AFKers: Show 2 screenshots with 2 seperate times (atleast 5 minutes apart) of them standing at the spawn/location they're afking at.
-Trolling: Show a screenshot of the troll action (Revive & Smite soraka, for example), I.E summoner spells being dumb or items being stupid.

good luck and happy naming and shaming!

Confirmed offenders will be posted on the forum's blacklist.


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